Known worldwide for San Fermín festival and the running of the bulls, this city hides a cultural charm and history that are not to be missed.

By 1,000 B.C., there was already a Vascon settlement – known as Iruña – beneath the modern city and in 75 B.C. Pompey the Great refounded the capital in the Roman urban style and gives it his name – ‘Pompaelo – thereby creating a city that was strategic link between the Peninsula and Europe.

It hides a historic centre that has become progressively richer throughout its history. Consequently, interesting sites include the citadel, the narrow streets through which the bulls run with their shops, the Cathedral of Santa María la Real, Castle Square, Navarra Palace, City Hall, the Church of San Fermín, etc.

Pamplona-Iruña is located just 50 minutes from the shire of Goierri, as Goierri is in the heart of the Basque Country.It is an excellent place from where to organise your visits and discover the entire Basque Country.