Balenciaga Museum

Cristóbal Balenciaga Eizaguirre was born in Getaria (Gipuzkoa) in 1895. His beginnings in sewing took place under the guidance of his mother Martina, who worked as a seamstress for important local families, among which was the family of the Marquis of Casa Torres.The Marchioness’s exquisite taste and her splendid wardrobe, acquired in the best Paris and London establishments, introduced the young Cristóbal into a world of high-fashion culture.

After moving to San Sebastián in 1907 to begin his apprenticeship in one of San Sebastián’s finest establishments, his career did nothing but grow until he became one of Europe’s most important designers, with shops in Donostia-San Sebastian, Madrid, Barcelona, and even in the fashion capital, Paris.

The Balenciaga Museum – naturally – is located in Getaria.It is located in a new building attached to Aldamar Palace, which is situated on a hill at the top of Getaria. It was the former residence of the Marquis de Casa Torres, grandparents of Queen Fabiola of Belgium and mentors of Balenciaga in his early career.

The museum houses a collection consisting of approximately 1,200 pieces. It is not only the largest collection of Balenciaga creations in the world, but the most important both for its broad chronological coverage and the quality of the pieces of which it is composed.Its importance situates it in a privileged place among fashion collections internationally.The museum is also home to an enormous project aimed at the restoration and maintenance of works of art of the calibre of the garments of Cristóbal Balenciaga.

The Balenciaga Museum, located in Getaria, is 40 minutes from the shire of Goierri.The shire of Goierri is the ideal place to discover the Basque Country as a starting point for excursions.