Gipuzkoa coast

Gipuzkoa's coast is the ideal place for sun and beach tourism; however, the Gipuzkoa’s coast is so much more than that.Gipuzkoa's coastline is an ideal place for walks along the coast, thanks to its 17 beaches, most of them urban.The 86 kms of coastline offer alternating sandbars and beaches, and seaside mountains that carry their green to the sea.

Coastal villages, with the main ones situated at river mouths, have a strong personality and many interesting attractions.All of them – Mutriku, Deba, Zumaia, Getaria, Zarautz, Orio and Hondarribia – are worth a visit.In Hondarribia, its historic centre and seaside promenade are worthy of note; the fishing atmosphere and essence are palpable in the towns of Getaria, Mutriku, Pasai San Juan and Zarautz with its promenade, its famous beach and its love for surfing.

Gipuzkoa’s coast is also an area that is at once rural and green, the location of the Aiako Harria and Pagoeta Nature Parks.The variety of landscapes means you go from charming spots to industrialised areas like the Port of Pasaia.In this pluralistic Gipuzkoa coast, we can also find renowned museums such as the BalenciagaMuseum in Getaria or the Aquarium in Donostia.

The gastronomy – as in all Gipuzkoa and Goierri – is excellent.Based on fresh fish and Getaria txakoli, it will leave us with an unforgettable experience.

Any point along the coast of Gipuzkoa is but 30-40 minutes from Goierri, the ideal place from which to plan your trips to discover the entire Basque Country.