Located in the Bay of Biscay, at the foot of the Cantabrian Sea, Bilbao is the most populous city in the Basque Country.Here is one of the most important trading ports in the north of the peninsula – a legacy of the nineteenth century, during which Bilbao was a very important city in the steel industry.

Today’s Bilbao is an example of the conversion and the reinvention of a city that was completely industrial in its past and that today is a city well worth visiting and discovering.With the Guggenheim as its standard, the city has an historic centre that retains the city’s essence, while the new, converted areas allow us to enjoy a city with an enviable historic and modern architecture.

Bilbao is an hour from the shire of Goierri, as Goierri is in the heart of the Basque Country.It is an excellent place from where to organise your visits and discover the entire Basque Country.