Mountain Races


Mountain races are a growing sport in the mountain milieus that is attracting an increasing number of fans. In recent years, this sport has undergone dramatic growth from all perspectives: there's been an increase in the number of races, participation in them, etc.

Goierri is a pioneer in this sport. Proof of this are our three renowned events in the world of mountain races, which also covers two branches of the sport: mountain marathons and Ultra Trails: the Zegama-Aizkorri Mountain Marathon, the Goierriko Bi Haundiak Trail and the Ehunmillak Ultra Trail.

Ehunmilak / Goierriko 2 Handiak / Marimurumendi

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Goierri has two races in the Ultra Trail discipline that are gaining in prominence on the national calendar. These are the Ehunmillak Race and the Goierriko 2 Haundiak Race. The former covers 28 municipalities in Gipuzkoa, starting and finishing in Beasain, and crosses the Aralar and Aizkorri-Aratz Nature Parks. It is 168 kilometres long and has 11,000 uphill metres. The Goierriko 2 Haundiak race – which also starts and finishes in Beasain – travels across Goierri and links the two Nature Parks – Aizkorri-Aratz and Aralar – and two of the most iconic peaks in the Basque Country: Aitzgorri and Txindoki. It is 88 kilometres long and has 6,000 uphill metres.
The same weekend, and to include all runners, marathon through the woods in the area of Beasain. A mountain marathon 2300 meters uphill walking the mountains and caves where the mythological character Mari lives.



zegama-aizkorri-logoZegama-Aizkorri Mountain Marathon is held in the Zegama-Aizkorri Nature Park, with the starting and finishing lines in Zegama. It has been held since 2002 and today is one of the world’s biggest races in this discipline. Proof of this is the line-up of world-class runners who come every year to the event, and the expectations raised among both fans and non-fans of this sport. The race is Zegama’s most important event and the entire village works to organise it. The weekend of the race, the ambience in Zegama and in the Aizkorri-Aratz Nature Park is excellent.