Pueblos Goierri

The shire of Goierri is located in the heart of the Basque Country, in the southeastern part of the province of Gipuzkoa, bordering Álava and Navarre.

It comprises 18 municipalities – mostly rural villages – with unrivaled natural charm, nestled between its two Nature Parks (Aralar and Aizkorri-Aratz) and only 30 minutes from San Sebastian.

Goierri is a valley where you can soak up history, Basque culture and art.The oldest remains of human life have been found in its highlands:we find millennia-old burial mounds and menhires in both the Aralar and Aizkorri Mountain Ranges.

Heading down the A1, we'll discover, left and right, rural villages that have managed to maintain their country charm and personality while modernisation has run its course.Most of them are small towns of less than 1,000 inhabitants.

You could say that the image that comes to mind when we think of the towns of the Basque Country can be found in any of these towns in Gipuzkoa; you’ll find it hard to believe how close they are to Donostia-San Sebastian.

  • Altzaga

    Altzaga is a small, rural village located in a mountain setting. It bo...

  • Arama

    Arama is one of Gipuzkoa’s smallest towns. It covers 1.3 km2 and is 26...

  • Ataun

    Ataun is the longest town, and one of the largest in terms of surface ...

  • Beasain

    Beasain is the most populous municipality in Goierri, with around 14,0...

  • Gabiria

    Gabiria is a small rural village located in one of the highest parts o...

  • Gaintza

    Gaintza is a small rural village in the foothills of Mount Txindoki, a...

  • Idiazabal

    This wonderful cheese... – sorry, town – with amazing rural charm is n...

  • Itsasondo

    It is a small rural village divided into two neighbourhoods and 26 min...

  • Lazkao

    Lazkao is located in a fabulous natural environment, but is also close...

  • Legorreta

    Legorreta is a small, rural village located 25 minutes from Donostia-S...

  • Mutiloa

    Mining has been an important element of this town’s economy since the ...

  • Olaberria

    Olaberria is known by the name of 'Balcony of Goierri’. This is ...

  • Ordizia

    Ordizia is a mediaeval town just like Segura and its proximity (30 min...

  • Ormaiztegi

    The hallmark identifying this town is the viaduct, the iron bridge ove...

  • Segura

    The founding of the town of Segura was decided by order of Alfonso X (...

  • Zaldibia

    The rural village of Zaldibia – in the foothills of Mount Txindoki (a ...

  • Zegama

    Municipality located 38 minutes from Donostia-San Sebastián, it reache...

  • Zerain

    The rural village of Zerain is located 39 minutes from Donostia-San Se...