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Agricultural Coop Society - Idiazabal

Local product shop, only fresh product from caseríos of the region. This gourmet shop is located in the town of Idiazabal, offering not only food but also agricultural implements and tools.

Service: Sale of agricultural and local product
Opening time: Monday – Friday | 9:00-13:00
Address: Bikuña 8 bajo, Idiazabal
GPS: 43.011214, -2.233073
Phone: 943 187 669

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Idiazabal: awarded cheese

"As old as Euskal Herria, as ancient as its essence, as generous as its men”. Know everything about Idiazabal cheese, taste it and learn how to recognise it!

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Idiazabal is located between Aralar and Aizkorri-Aratz Sierras and it gives the famous and delicious cheese its name. It’s only 30 minutes away from San Sebastián!

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