Where to eat in Goierri

Where to Eat

Welcome to the Goierri, to the real Euskadi, the Euskadi in original version, the Basque Highland of Euskadi, the basque Switzerland.

Gastronomy in the Goierri is more than eat, gastronomy in the Goierri is culture, tradition and a lifestyle. Arzak, Argiñano or Castillo are sons of the Goierri, known chefs whose good work, cooking local and seasonal products, have kept alive the traditional Basque cuisine.In the Goierri exists a high level of quality varied cuisine; we are talking about traditional basque cuisine, basque cuisine high quality products basque cuisine, from our orchards, our meadows ... from grandfathers and grandmothers, the legacy of expertise, the good eating. Pintxos, grilled cutlet and fishes, products from the farm to the table…

In order to develop this traditional Basque cuisine is necessary to have the best products; firstly we should mention those related with grazing: the latxa sheep are very common in the pastures of the mountain ranges of Aralar and Aizgorri, and the famous cheese that is made with their milk takes its name from a village in Goierri, we are talking about the Idiazabal cheese. From the sheep also obtains the Zaldibia mondeju, sausage made by hand in the villages of the area during the months of September and October; at that time some mondeju tasting competitions are organized, and also for the Beasain sausage, another typical meat from the area that has its own Brotherhood.

Idiazabal cheese, which has been awarded in various competitions worldwide, takes its name from a village from Goierri. It is a cheese elaborated with latxa sheep raw milk, a breed that can be seen in the grasses of Goierri; very appreciate in cuisine, we can know all its secrets in the Idiazabal Cheese interpretation and tasting centre and the lifestyle of the producers of this great product: the shepherds.

Cider houses are an important part of the local cuisine, connoisseurs say that the cider elaborated in Goierri tastes different; in local cider houses we can also taste typical local products, like Idiazabal cheese, walnuts, quince, meat of our farmhouses, etc. In Goierri you can also find a txakoli wine cellar: this variety of wine, being typical in the coast, takes in the vineyards located in Goierri a different taste that make it even more special; the winery produces organic wine has won several awards in its category.

Talking about sweets we have to highlight Unanue’s merliton, Gipuzkoa pie, the Martintxos of Beasain and the Segura pie, a perfect complement for the ones who love sweets.

In order to display these products we have a great exhibition centre: Ordizia Market, quintessential market that has been held for over 500 years,where buyers and producer-sellers of agricultural products and livestock, meet every Wednesday from the valley and surrounding areas (there is another little market on Fridays afternoon). Ordizia market is one of the most important in Euskadi and its importance increases to play the role of "stock exchange" of agricultural prices for the whole country; you will not find a delicatessen shop like this anymore.


Gastronomic Route

To learn and enjoy more of these products we begin with the famous Ordizia market on Wednesdays and the Centre D'elikatuz, Interpretation Centre of Food and Gastronomy, where we will learn the secrets of the famous market, and learn everything related to food in general.

After visiting Ordizia we can visit one of the cheese farm where produce one of the most famous cheeses in the world: Idiazabal cheese. In September Basque Festivals in Ordizia, contest winner half cheese is auctioned and can reach 12,000€!

In the cheese farm a shepherd will show us all the secrets about the cheese; we may know the cottages or txabolas located in the 2 Natural Parks or Goierri, Aizkorri-Aratz and Aralar, where they live in summer with their sheep.

You will live experiences like feeling a cook (you will buy the product in the Ordizia market and will cook it with a local chef), feel like a shepherd (visiting cheese farms and talking to the shepherd), participate in a marriage of cheese and txakoli and make cheese-tastings or visit the unique Basque agroaldea (place where quality local products are sold and see a video about Basque rural life).

Finaly, in the Goierri you will be able to go to various food fairs focused on food products, being autumn the season in which more are celebrated.