Do you know GR-283?


6 days




95,7 km


+4920/-4857 m

This route, called GR-283, is a 6-step tour classed as medium difficulty, so it can be completed by anyone in good shape. It is 95.7 km high and divided into six stages to complete in a week, however, you can adapt the route to your needs.

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Total elevation gain: 9,777 m
  • Total altitude gain: 4,920 m
  • Total negative gain: 4,287 m.
  • Length of the shortest stage: 12 km
  • Lenght of the longest stage: 22’93 km
  • Slope above sea level: 150 m (min) y 1,200 m (max)

By doing this route you will get to know the whole cycle of production of the Idiazabal cheese, very famous and well-loved around the globe. You can see the pastureland in Aralar and Aizkorri-Aratz, favourite grazing place of latxa sheep, and the actual village of Idiazabal, passing by queserías and markets where the cheese is made and sold. Special mention to the market in Ordizia!

Your registration includes a starter kit that you will receive once you arrive at Goierri. It holds your passport -you will need to stamp this in every accommodation you visit-, a t-shirt, and the map of the route with all the extra info and points of interest. Once you’re done, you will get an award for your effort and work accomplished: half a piece of Idiazabal cheese and a bottle of artisan cider!

During the week of GR-283 you’re not only doing sports, you will be part of the landscape and the atmosphere of a secret land: Goierri.

Each stage gives you several options to spend the night. You can choose between hotels, agrotourism -actual farmhouses where you can stay and share time with the family!- and hostels.

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